beautiful, artistic drawings

characters from Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale

hidden objects on the quilt – let your child have a fun finding them

95 cm x 115 cm +/- 2 cm or 125 x 150 cm +/- 2 cm

the upper side of the quilt: 100% pure satin; reverse side – soft fleece fabric

available colors: red and grey

the Oeko-Tex Standard certificate

made in Poland by Blanket Story

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This beautiful quilt is a part of our latest bedding collection for babies.

Warm and soft, made from high-quality cotton, protect your kid from the chill and make him comfortable and safe. It is full of vivid colors and elements that are so important for developing kid’s sensory skills.

girl playing in the garden on little red riding hood baby blanket

Let your child explore all drawings printed on the quilt… These are well-known characters from the famous Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Before bedtime tell your youngster a tale about a young girl, her grandmother and a big bad wolf. Use the quilt to describe each character or ask your child to do it by himself. It will help him boost his vocabulary and imagination. Request him to discover hidden pictures: a small beetle under a bush, bread, and juice in a basket, a wolf under the duvet in grandmother’s bed and a forester coming to save them.

The reverse side of the quilt made of soft fleece can be grey or red depending on the chosen color.

This quilt is ideal for a cot bed. It matches great with a duvet and pillowcase set and a blanket from Little Red Riding Hood collection.

Suitable for children from 12 months and up.


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