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A unique duvet cover set created out of the longing for the summer and nights spent under the stars. We call it a private haystack for your own home use. Regardless of the country you are from, sleeping in hay is so naturally obvious that the idea needs no explanation. Just bury yourself in a haystack and go to sleep. Give yourself a nice break in this rushing motley world.

Have some fun as well! The photo-realistic print gives an extraordinary effect. The feeling of sleeping in hay is so realistic that you can’t believe that the hay isn’t prickling your skin. And searching for creatures and objects hidden in the straw is enjoyable both for adults and children :-). A good observer will find in it several intriguing creatures and objects. There are mice, a ladybird, a lost coin and obviously a needle – as always in the haystack.

The haystack bed linen makes a perfect wedding or birthday gift.


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