hand-decorated with a brush and stamps

no two pieces are exactly alike, each piece is an individual work of art

microwave and dishwasher safe

superb quality stoneware, resists scratching and breakage

can be safely used in an oven, microwave, dishwasher and fridge

non-stick, non-porous surface, it doesn’t keep odors or flavor, easy to clean

dimensions: ø 11.8/16.0 cm; height 6.50/1.8cm; weight 0.22/0.28kg, vol. 0.22l

produced in Poland by Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec, one of the leading manufacturers of Boleslawiec pottery.

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Beautiful coffee and teacup with a saucer. High-quality pottery with “blue summer flowers” design on the creamy background makes an elegant table accent and a perfect handmade gift. This subtle collection represents the best of Polish pottery: high quality, unique pattern and excellent human craftsmanship. Durable enough for everyday use. Combine it with other items from the same pattern line and create your own customized coffee and tea or breakfast sets

hand-decorated ceramic tea cup with saucer du126 design with white Pollyanna roses on blue wooden table

ZC Boleslawiec continues a two-hundred-year tradition of excellent Polish pottery craftsmanship. Each product undergoes a precise production process to make sure that the final dish is of the highest quality and precise, eye-catching decoration.


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