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A soft and delicate blanket with extraordinary motifs inspired by Alice in Wonderland story. You can use it to gently swaddle your child, keep him warm during a nap or breastfeeding, cover sleeping baby while walking outside or even use for playing hide and seek.

  • cute pattern inspired by Alice in Wonderland tale
  •  dimensions: 120 x 120 cm, +/- 2 cm
  •  100% cotton, 2 layers
  •  goodnight poem printed on a blanket
  •  made in EU (Poland) 

character of rabbit from alice in wonderlsnd  fairy tale printed on cotton baby blanket

Explore with your kid all funny characters printed on the blanket. The exclusive pattern was designed by a Polish artist who creates pictures for children’s book. Ask your child to find a little girl who fell into a rabbit hole and all funny creatures she met there. Tell a story about her amazing adventures in a wonderland. Sweet dreams will come to your baby easily.

Suitable for a cot and a pushchair.

Recommended for newborns and onwards.

This blanket is a part of Alice’s Magical World collection which comprises duvet cover and pillowcase set, a quilt and a duvet set.

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