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make your table exceptional everyday

Uniquely hand-decorated
"Roses Collection" tableware

Who says you need beautiful tableware only for special events?

Whether you are enjoying a simple dinner with your family, drinking a cup of tea with friends or just having some ‘me time’ make this moment special. 

Grab a piece of Polish Pottery from the latest "Roses Collection". It is perfect for every occasion.  Make your table exceptional and celebrate every moment.

5 Key Things About "Roses Collection"

Famous Polish Pottery

Polish Pottery is known all over the world for its extraordinary designs, unique patterns and excellent craftsmanship. Its history dates back to the 14th century.  


Each piece is manually decorated with the use of unique world-wide stamping technique developed in Middle Ages.  

High Quality

It is made of top-quality materials only. The bright patterns do not fade. Can be used in ovens, microwaves and dishwashers. Scratch and chips resistant. . Suitable for everyday use. 

2019 Trendy Design

"Roses Collection" was chosen at "Ambiente Fair" in Frankfurt as an example of one of the newest interior trends. After years of minimalism, we again begin to appreciate more vivid colors, patterns, contrasts, various textures and motifs. Our interiors should be full of expressive colors, sense of humor and joy of life. Flowers are one of the most fashionable decorative motifs. 

Safe & Eco-Friendly

Does not contain lead and cadmium. Safe to use with food. The clay is prepared according to traditional recipes, without the use of chemicals. Decorative paints are natural, completely harmless to the environment. 


Free Singapore-wide delivery for orders over 100$ after promotions and discounts are applied. 


Original Polish pottery. Each piece is marked with "hand made in Poland" stamp, producer's logo and artist's signature.


Money back guarantee within 7 days from the date of delivery. Check "Terms and Conditions" for all details.

Uniqueness, quality and joy

At Fork & Pillow, we focus on these three aspects.
We present carefully selected European products which stand out due to their exceptional designs, craftsmanship and functionality. They are created by well-known reputable manufacturers or young, talented, award-winning designers.