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HAYKA bed linen
Inspired by nature ...

Looking for a unique duvet cover set? Something other than common stripes, flowers or plain colors? Hayka is full of unique designs that bring positive emotions connected with holiday adventures, feeling of freedom and ease. 


Soft, green, delicate and pleasant… Those who love hiking trips into the woods know the feeling, when after a long walk you just lay down on a soft, slightly damp forest mattress and relax like never before...

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Summer. Sunny, scorching days, gold pouring down from the sky straight to a stubble field still smelling of harvest. The STRAW bed linen, will take you to the countryside and allow you to surrender to blissful laziness, without risking being pricked by freshly-cut ears. Recollect your summer adventures and sink into deep healthy sleep.

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the northern sky

What about sleeping among the stars? You do not have to wait for warm weather and cloudless sky. Set your bed with soft, high-quality cotton duvet cover and explore stellar constellations in the comfort of your bedroom. The stars printed on our bed linen are the constellations of the Northern Sky. Check how many of them you know.

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why hayka?

unique designs

The photo-realistic print gives an extraordinary effect. Each pattern has its own secrets on the print: hidden objects, small animals or star constellations. Everything depends on the pattern you choose. Searching for them is a part of the fun of having these amazing sets in your bedroom, both for adults and children. 

international awards

Hayka flagship design, the STRAW is a winner of international design awards:
European Product Design Award 2017 

German Design Award 2018.

high quality

Made of a high-quality 100% cotton sateen which is both durable and soft in touch. Produced in Poland.  Money back guarantee within 7 days from the date of delivery. Check "Terms and Conditions" for all details.