Amazing coffee tea mug, originally shaped and hand-decorated by experienced Polish pottery artisans. Ideal for every tea and coffee enthusiasts.

first quality only

hand-decorated, no two pieces are exactly alike, each piece is an individual work of art

non-stick, non-porous surface, easy to clean

lead and cadmium free paints and glazes

dishwasher and microwave safe

made in Poland by Fabryka Naczyn Kamionkowych "Manufaktura"

dimensions: height 11,5 cm , vol. 0,35 l

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"Manufaktura" is one of the most recognizable manufacturers of Polish pottery. Each product stands out due to the highest quality and precise, eye-catching decoration.

pluto coffee tea mugs from roses collection laying on a table with different ingredients

Polish pottery from Boleslawiec

Polish ceramics have been manufactured for many centuries. Crafted from high-quality stoneware clays is hand-shaped and hand-decorated using unique stamping technique. Decorative motifs are applied manually with a brush and different stamps soaked in colorful paints. That is why no two pieces are exactly alike.

Boleslawiec stoneware is both beautiful and very practical. Fired at high temperature and twice-glazed is durable and easy to clean. It is lead and cadmium free and safe to use in microwave, oven, and dishwasher.

It is ideal both for entertaining and for everyday use. With its unique designs, it works perfectly as tableware,  a gift for friends and family or kitchen decor.


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